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Family matters hit home, and need to be treated with due care and respect

We specialise in providing practical advice and solutions that account for your circumstances, delivered with integrity and honesty.

While it’s possible to handle your affairs on your own, this can be challenging and add even further strain to what’s already an extremely stressful and emotionally charged time.

Areas of expertise

Our team of family solicitors provide qualified advice for all areas of family law and de facto relationships, including:



Separating is a major decision, regardless of whether you’re married or de facto.

If you are separated (or are contemplating separation) it’s important you know your rights.

We work to help you understand the circumstances of your separation, prepare you for your future, guide you and explain your options.

Our lawyers also help you understand what you’re entitled to and how you should best proceed.

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Divorce is no doubt one of the most stressful events you can encounter in your lifetime.

We work to understand the circumstances of your divorce and help you regain control over your situation.

It isn’t just the ability to make your next move with confidence, either – fixed-rate divorce provides financial certainty in what’s one of the most stressful and uncertain periods of your life.

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De Facto

Just because yours is a de facto relationship doesn’t mean you’re immune from a complex legal case if you split – in fact, the end of a de facto relationship often comes with considerably greater confusion surrounding legal rights.

We provide clarity in what can be a confusing time, helping determine who is owed what and allowing de facto couples to move on more certain of what’s going to happen next.

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Children and parenting

Your kids aren’t just your concern – they’re our top priority too.

You only want what’s best for your children, and so do we.

We fight to ensure your children’s welfare is looked after, minimise the trauma that often accompanies a split, and ensure that no matter what happens, they are protected.

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Property and financial

What will happen to your finances now that you’re divorcing or splitting?

Will you be left unable to return to single life without support?

Our family lawyers help you live your life confident in the knowledge that you’ll be able to live independently once the separation is finalised.

We will fight for you if you’re not receiving the finances or assets you’re entitled to.

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Intervention orders

When family violence is involved, our priority is protection. In cases where urgent action is needed however, our family lawyers can apply for intervention orders on your behalf and make a case that you need protection.

Contact us now for immediate advice, support, and guidance.

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We’ll fight on your behalf


The law is complicated. We do our best to
change that.

You’ve worked your hardest to be amicable. You’ve compromised and negotiated. You’ve upheld your end of the bargain.

Despite that, your partner isn’t giving.

Or worse, they’re taking you to court, despite you doing everything right on
your end.

Our team is committed to upholding your legal rights and ensuring that you receive a favourable outcome. If it comes down to a court case, we will fight on your behalf and ensure that you aren’t punished for being the bigger person.

We won’t just represent you – our team translates the law into plain English, providing actionable advice and giving you the power to make the best possible calls regarding your case.

Do right by your family


No area of law requires as much sensitivity, tact, and careful consideration of the rights of each party as family law.

Family law cases are especially difficult, stressful, and come with immense emotional strain.

An approach that’s too adversarial can burn bridges permanently – while you may “win” today, in the long run, you could be doing more damage than necessary.

Unfortunately, many family lawyers focus solely on the numbers and the facts, completely overlooking the emotional toll your circumstances are placing on you.

CBD Family Lawyers aims to change this.

Our philosophy towards family law is centred around damage minimisation.

Wherever possible, we will work to ensure that you receive an outcome that leaves the minimal financial and emotional scars behind – especially if children are involved.

Why us

Why choose CBD
Family Lawyers?

Your family is just as important to us as it is to you.

We understand that family law cases are complex. And not just from a legal standpoint, either – we appreciate that family matters hit home, and need to be handled with even more sensitivity and tact than usual.

No two cases are the same in our eyes. We treat each case that crosses our desk with the same care, and strive to find results that offer the best outcome for all members of the family.

Our team of family law specialists in Melbourne offer advice in relation to difficult parenting and financial matters, and can offer immediate legal advice in urgent family law matters where every second counts.

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