• property-settlement

How does a property settlement occur?

April 1, 2016|

Property division can be a tiresome, complex and stressful exercise that can often be the driving factor of a dispute between estranged couples. How exactly property will be split between [...]

  • divorce-post

Am I able to apply for a divorce?

February 1, 2016|

One of the single most stressful events that occur in anyone’s life is when a couple reaches a point in their relationship beyond a state of repair. At the point of [...]

  • CBD-Family-Lawyers-post2

What is Family Dispute Resolution?

December 1, 2015|

CBD Family Lawyers actively encourages all of our clients to take part in Family Dispute Resolution (‘FDR’) as a way of resolving family law disputes without the need of  intervention [...]

  • Do-you-know-what-a-creditors-statutory-demand

How will my assets be divided?

October 1, 2015|

In making decisions about how to proceed in a separation, it is crucial to have an understanding of how the Court divides the property of a relationship, and what types [...]

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