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Family violence is unacceptable in all circumstances. We have a strong background in criminal law and regularly represent both Applicants and Respondents in Intervention Order matters. Often family lawyers do not recognise the significance of an Intervention Order in terms of the way in which it may impact an affected person with regards to their family law matter.

We understand and rely upon our extensive experience to provide representation to both affected family members and respondents. We can help contest an application for an Intervention Order in both the Magistrates’ and Children’s Courts of Victoria. We have a wide range of reputable barristers that specialize in this area of law, which will allow us to provide you with the best possible representation.

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About intervention orders

An Intervention Order is a Court Order that is designed to protect a particular person (often referred to as the Affected Family Member) by placing a series of restraints upon another person.

There are two types of Intervention Orders: a Family Violence Intervention Order (which can be made against a family member, or person to which you have been in a relationship with) and a Personal Safety Intervention Order (which can be made against a non-family member, for example – a neighbour).

An Intervention Order is designed to protect a person from physical assault, harassment, stalking, verbal threats or property damage. An Intervention Order will often have conditions contained within it that prevent a person from committing family violence, being within a specified distance of a protected persons residence or contacting/communicating with a protected person.
Family violence is defined as behaviour by a person towards a family member if that behaviour is physically or sexually abusive, emotionally or psychologically abusive, economically abusive, threatening, coercive or in any other way controls or dominates the family member and causes that family member to feel fear for the safety or wellbeing of that family member or another person.

Family violence also includes any behaviour by a person that causes a child to hear or witness, or otherwise be exposed to the effects of the family violence.

If you are served with an Intervention Order, you should immediately and carefully read its contents. You should note what conditions have been placed upon you and who the protected person is. If you were to breach any of the conditions within the Order, you could be charged with a criminal offence.

You should also consider obtaining advice as soon as possible should there be any issues needing to be urgently addressed.

Yes we can apply for an Order on your behalf. It is often difficult to make an application on your own as the circumstances in these matters can cause a great amount of stress. Upon receiving your instructions, we can seek to obtain an Intervention Order for you and alleviate some of the stress caused by these matters.
Breaching an Intervention Order can be a very serious matter. If you breach an Intervention Order, you could be charged with a criminal offence that will be dealt with in the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria (depending on the seriousness of the breach).

If you are charged with a breach, or have breached, you should contact us immediately to receive advice. Charges of this nature will also impact the length of time that an Intervention Order remains in force.

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