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Our family law firm protects the things that matter

The law is complicated and stressful enough already. Add family to the mix, and you have a potent recipe for mental distress and anxiety.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A good family lawyer gives you the confidence to know that your family is being looked after following the breakdown of a relationship. We help you fight the feelings of confusion and insecurity that often accompany family law cases.

CBD Family Lawyers provides professional, timely, helpful advice – all the things you want and need during such a difficult time.

There is light at the end of the tunnel – and our family lawyers can help get you there.


Why choose CBD Family Lawyers?

About Us

Real advice from real people, tailored for your family

“Compassion” and “law” are two words that are rarely paired together – something that we believe needs to change.

Your family’s case should be handled by a professional who doesn’t just know the law, but who also understands your family and what matters the most to you.

More importantly, it should be handled by a lawyer who works their hardest to minimise the trauma that comes with family law cases.

CBD Family Lawyers strives to be that exception to the rule.

We work to resolve your case through mediation when possible. A family breakdown is difficult enough as it is – no need to add the stress of an appearance at a Family Law Court.

In cases where urgent action is needed however, your case may need to be escalated to a courtroom and intervention orders issued. It all depends on the circumstances.

It all depends. A good family lawyer won’t just treat your case with the dignity and tact it demands – they will also choose a course of action that best suits your case and circumstances.

How our family lawyers help

Family Mediation & Dispute Resolution

A divorce or separation is difficult enough as it is – the last thing you’ll want to do is add the stress of a court case to it.

In the real world, legal action is a last resort. It’s expensive, stressful and time-consuming – the last thing you want during such a sensitive period.

If the process is already taking too much of an emotional toll on you, Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a viable alternative.

  • No expensive legal fees
  • No need to worry about being “out-lawyered”
  • Spare your children a vicious custody battle

As registered FDR mediators, our family lawyers in Melbourne can mediate between you and your partner, allowing you to both come to a mutually-agreeable arrangement without the stress or cost of a court case.

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Litigation & Family Law Court

While not preferable, there will be some cases where you will need to meet your spouse in court to ensure that your rights are upheld.

Divorce is stressful, especially if things deteriorate to the point of legal action.

Litigation is usually considered as a last resort.

With the right legal team, you can keep this stress to a minimum.

Whether you’re taking your spouse to court or defending yourself from a claim, our family law experts in Melbourne stand by you and ensure your rights are upheld.

CBD Family Lawyers speak your language.

With us, you’ll know where you stand regarding your parental rights and share of your assets.

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Our Lawyers

Family lawyer

Law is about more than understanding statutes and paperwork – especially when it comes to family law.

Our team demonstrates tactfulness, an ability to empathise, and understanding.

Clients can be confident that they’re being looked after by our family lawyers… and not just in terms of their case, either.

For peace of mind and confidence in a stressful period of your life, you need to call find the right family lawyers, before it’s too late.

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